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The Devel's Highway

May 11th and 12th (Thursday & Friday)

Led by Dwight Darling

Day 1

  • Meet at 7:30 am in the lot off of I10 exit 281 at AZ 83.

  • Drive east on Hwy 10 to Wilcox, breakfast at the TA in Wilcox

  • Drive Fort Grant Rd North to Bonita.

  • Connect to Hwy 266 

  • Follow 266 East to 191

  • Follow 191 North to Safford

  • Merge with Hwy 70 & 191 East in Safford

  • Follow Hwy 191 East and then North to Moranci

  • Brief stop for Gas and rest at Starbucks in Moranci

  • Continue on Hwy 191 towards Alpine

  • Once you’ve reached Alpine continue on Hwy 191 to Springerville

  • Nightly accommodations at Reeds Lodge in Springerville (affordable and set up for bikers). I’ve contacted the hotel for holding rooms and a discounted rate for the group.. Make your own reservation.

  • Dinner at the Gateway Barbecue 

Day 2

  • Breakfast in the morning Booga Red’s (across the street from the hotel)

  • The Breakfast restaurant is directly across from the hotel. Start ride at 8:00 am riding south on Hwy 191 to Alpine

  • At Alpine head east on Hwy 180 towards New Mexico

  • Follow 180 East then South through New Mexico

  • Stop in Glenwood for break & Gas

  • Continue on 180 to Hwy 78.

  • Turn west on Hwy 78 towards Safford

  • Follow 78 and merge with 191

  • Follow 191 into Safford

  • Late lunch at Casa Manana in Safford. Gas available across the street 

  • Continue on Hwy 191 west to Hwy 10 in Wilcox

  • Follow Hwy 10 home to Tucson. Gas available in Wilcox, Benson or Vail.

Let Dwight know if you are going. There will be some couples going so invite the wife along. 

The following people are going:

Dwight & Donna

Todd & Karen are a probably 

Dan & Sharen are a most likely 

For more information contact Dwight at

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