Riding US191

August 14

Keith Hollcroft and Craig Littlefield had a good ride. There was just the two of them. They left at 6:30, stopped for gas in Safford and Clifford and then  had a picnic at Blue Vista. Gas in Alpine and Globe on the way home. They were gone from the house for 11 hours and drove 553 miles. 


The weather was perfect up 191 and across Big Lake Road. Then it got hot. It was 100 degrees in White River. Keith saw 114 on his bike thermometer in Salt River Canyon and 119 just south of Winkleman. Neither had trouble with the heat but Craig found that he had to have his shield down or the wind burned his face. It cooled down to 109 when they got home at 5 pm. 


191 was in good shape. However the bottom 10 miles or so, just above the mine, had a lot of tar snakes. We did not remember that from our rides last year. 

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