Kitt Peak

Friday April 29th

Depart from the Circle K station at Ina and Silverbell at 8:30am.   We'll be riding Silverbell to Sweetwater and over Gates Pass to Kinney Road.  We'll take Kinney Road to the Coyote Pause restaurant for breakfast.  (2740 So. Kinney Road).  Coyote Pause is a short distance North of the Ajo Road/ 86.  We should be arriving at the restaurant around 9:00 am.

After breakfast, around 10:00 am, we'll head West on Ajo Rd., past Three Points, to #386 and up to the top of Kitt peak.  The road up the mountain is open, but the observatory is closed.  After stopping in the observatory parking lot we could head home or stop off at the McDonald's  or Tiny's Saloon and Steakhouse near Kinney Rd.  and 86.


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