The Yamaha Champions Riding School

March 15, 2020


The Yamaha Champions Riding School (YCRS) evolved from the Freddie Spencer school. Nick Ienatsch, who was an instructor with Freddie, took it over around 2008. He was running the school out of NJ and got to talking with Chris Peris who was running his own school out of Arizona. The two decided to join forces and combine into one school. The main goal of YCRS is to teach riders how to be safe and be in control of their motorcycle, which in turn creates a more fun experience and keeps riders riding longer. And this philosophy applies to all riders from new to professional road racers (MotoGP racers attend the school) and to whichever motorcycle you ride and where you ride it, street or racetrack.


The ChampStreet program is a newer part of the school and taught in a different setting/format at slower speeds (about 65mph) as compared to the full 2-day ChampSchool program which is taught in a higher speed track setting. We still teach the same concepts regardless of the school because all the same techniques the MotoGP and expert level riders use apply to average street riding. A motorcycle is a motorcycle and needs to be controlled the same way no matter the bike or the situation. This is where I feel other schools break down believing that you need to progress through levels before you are taught certain riding techniques, ie. covering the brake lever or trail braking, for fear that you can crash because you might make a mistake. We teach the skills needed to best control your bike, regardless of experience. YCRS will change your riding life, I’ve seen it happen to seasoned riders and road racers.


ChampStreet School details:

When: Sunday March 15, 2020

Time: about 8am – 5pm (lunch included)

Where: Mussleman Honda Circuit

Cost: $500 (limited to 12 students)

Motorcycle info: bring your bike and the gear you ride in


Here are links to the school and some videos we created. Please call me with questions, I’ll be more than happy to talk. If you decide to send out an email, let me know before you do and I can provide how to register, etc.


YouTube channel:

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