Experienced Riders Class

 Pima Community College is setting up a second Advanced Riders Class for the SEAT club, Saturday February 29th. Class size is a minimum of six, maximum of twelve.  Tuition is $125.00.   To be part of the class, you will need to contact Pima Community College to register and pay the tuition.  The class goes from 8:00 am to around 5:00pm. The course is part classroom and part riding on your own motorcycle.               


The BMWMOA Paul B. Foundation may reimburse you for  the tuition if you are an MOA member and are one of the first ten participants to apply.  Non MOA members could get  reimbursed $100.00.    *You need to apply for the scholarship a minimum of thirty days prior to taking the course.**


To register for the course, contact Pima College. Apply for the Paul B. tuition scholarship at: BMWMOA Paul B. Foundation. 

Questions about the course, contact Lewie Marshall at:  mars7101@comcast.net

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