Death Valley 2023

January 19th - 22nd

This is always one of our most popular trips.


As we have done in the past we will leave on Thursday morning and stay the first night in the Edgewater Hotel. (866) 238-4218 

Day 2 will take us to Baker and then through Death Valley and on to Beatty NV. There we will stay in the Exchange Club Motel.  (775) 553-2333

Saturday we will go back through Death Valley and on to Boulder City. Recommended there is the Boulder Dam Hotel, (702) 293-3510, or the Sands Motel.  (702) 293-2589

We return on Sunday. 

Let Craig know if you are going. Details of the trip will be sent to those that sign up.


Those signed up are:

Skip Blecker

Mike & Vickie Brewer

Ron Brown

Tom Butler

Darrell Conklin

Dwight Darling

Rob DeForge

Ed Ewert

Dan Fisher

Bill Flannery

Sam Halgren

Rick Hill

Tony & Cherri Kelley

Craig Littlefield

Mike Shaffer

Jim Small

Wil Smith

Bob Violette