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 Ride to Parker Canyon Lake

Friday December 9th.

We met up at the Road Runner Station  located at the intersection of South Houghton Rd. and Sahuarita Rd.  From there we rode down AZ 83 through Sonoita and on to the Parker Canyon Lake.

We will headed back on AZ 83 to the Copper Brothel Brewery in Sonoita for lunch. 

Photos by Lewie Marshall and Mike Ostrom

Dec 9 18.jpg
Dec 9 16.jpg
Dec 9 17.jpg
Dec 9 15.jpg
Dec 9 13.jpg
Dec 9 09.jpg
Dec 9 14.jpg
Dec 9 12.jpg
Dec 9 10.jpg
Dec 9 11.jpg
Dec 9 01.jpg
Dec 9 02.jpg
Dec 9 07.jpg
Dec 9 06.jpg
Dec 9 04.jpg
Dec 9 05.jpg
Dec 9 03.jpg
Dec 9 22.jpg
Dec 9 23.jpg
Dec 9 08.jpg
Dec 9 25.jpg
Dec 9 24.jpg
Dec 9 21.jpg
Dec 9 26.jpg
Dec 9 20.jpg
Dec 9 19.jpg
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