Leap Year 1000

Saturday, February 29th


In conjunction with this special day the Iron Butt association has created a Leap Year 1000.  This can only be achieved on Feb 29th.   https://www.ironbutt.org/leapyear/


Jerry Gilbert has decided, if the weather is acceptable, to give this a go.  He will be leaving from the Rita Ranch Fry's Fuel Center at 4:00 AM (He could be strong armed into leaving from the Chevron on I-10 and Wilmot).  From there he will head to Gila Bend, Blythe, Needles, Barstow, down to Palm Springs, Yuma and home.  This is roughly 1052 miles and 16+ hours. See attached jpeg. 


Each person will be responsible for obtaining and completing their own paperwork, but Jerry can offer assistance if needed.  The plan will be to stop about every 140'ish miles (roughly every 2 hours) for gas and mother nature.  


If anyone wishes to join in on this special ride contact Jerry at jerry.gilbert@yahoo.com for additional details.

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