Wednesday Ride

February 5th

Bill Flannery, Lewie Marshall and Craig Littlefield braved the cold for a ride to Arivaca and back up through Three Points to Tiny's Saloon/Cafe.

Little did I know when I planned today's 125 mile lunch ride from San Xavier Mission to Tiny's Saloon (via Arivaca, Sasabe Rd and Three Points) it would be the coldest day in years in the Tucson area. Craig, Lewie and I met at 9:15 am as planned with the temp reaching the low 30's. Despite the chilly temps, we stayed warm and thoroughly enjoyed a great ride and lunch at Tiny's.

Our halfway Arivaca pit stop plan: 

- Plan A was to stop at Gadsden Coffee Shop in Arivaca. Well, the shop was closed with no coffee available. Not a big surprise as the business has been for sale for awhile and can't be relied upon to have coffee available.

- Plan B was to stop at La Gitana Cantina & Café in Arivaca for a coffee. Well, the café was closed, Not a big surprise as we arrived a bit before lunch time.

- On to Plan C: Stop at the Buenos Aires Wildlife Refuge in Arivaca to hit the bathrooms, enjoy the warm sunshine for a bit then continue on to Tiny's.


Despite some folks' normal apprehension to enter Tiny's based on it's exterior appearance, the service and food (particularly their Texas Toothpicks) was excellent as always. Oh, and the fresh hot coffee was much appreciated...

A nice, leisurely, scenic ride, lunch and interesting conversation on a beautiful, crystal clear day with great fellow SEAT riders/friends.


THANKS Lewie and Craig!


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