Ride With Bill Flannery to California

Long time, no see. I trust all is well with you and your families and you're staying safe. 


A quick heads up: I'm flying into Tucson this Thursday and am planning a ride starting Friday, 10/9 to Pala, CA Fox Raceway to attend the final round of AMA Motocross races scheduled there for Saturday, 10/10.


To be honest, I have very low expectations in terms of spectator experience because from what I understand the track is crap as it's all man made, has zero shade and lacks the normal natural terrain found on all the other great MX tracks in the country. Also, I understand that there will be limited spectators at the event. I just purchased a general admission ticket on line for the event for Saturday, 10/10 so unless I hear otherwise from AMA or the track folks I'm assuming I will be able to enter the event as a spectator. I've attended multiple Motocross and Supercross events all across the country over the years and have really missed attending them this year (due to Covid spectator restrictions at the tracks). 


Additional details: 

- Blast off: Depart Tucson area on Friday, 10/9 morning. Meet up and departure time TBD. Mileage on Friday: App. 450 miles (unfortunately, with a lot freeway miles...)

- Lodging: Quality Inn, Fallbrook, CA. Located about 10 miles West of the Pala Fox Raceway Track. Check in: Fri, 10/9; Check out: Sun, 10/10. Room cancellation policy: Free Cancel before 4:00 pm on Thursday, 10/8. 

- Will be following Covid guidelines in terms of social distancing, wearing a mask and disinfecting everything I will potentially touch in the motel each day and at fuel stops along the way and back.   


Not sure if anyone else from SEAT would be interested in joining the ride or not. But if so, they can contact me at:


- 503-539-3152


Bill Flannery

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