Bill Flannery's Ride to the Races

October 2020

I just returned from a GREAT ride to and from the final round of AMA Motocross Races at Fox Pala Racetrack in Pala, CA.


Some Highlights:

- Fox Racetrack/Races: I was pleasantly surprised at how good the track was, particularly in terms of being spectator friendly. The racing action was tremendous as the points leaders in both classes battled each other to the end of the each moto which determined the 2020 outdoor champions for both the 250 and 450 classes. It was awesome watching the event live: seeing the action, smelling the unspent race fuel exhaust and getting hit with mud clumps from the rear wheels when standing very close to the track. Personally, I prefer watching outdoor motocross racing over indoor supercross races as I really enjoy walking around the track and getting up close to the action as opposed to sitting in remote stadium grandstand seats. 

- Southern California Roads/Scenery: We've all ridden these great SOCAL roads but I never get tired of riding them again and again. The twisty canyon carving roads, mountain pass roads, overall road conditions, scenery and weather is always thoroughly enjoyable. I was only able to hit a few of the great roads in the area in just a day and a half of riding. Someday, I plan on spending an entire week in SOCAL just riding as many of the great motorcycle roads as possible in the area...

- Overlooks:

     - Palomar Mtn: The ride up to Palomar Mtn is always enjoyable: both the ride and the scenery. Unfortunately, I came across a badly crashed bike on the side of the road. It was located on a downhill, decreasing radius, off camber corner. I hope/pray the rider is okay. 

     - Henshaw Scenic Viewpoint: Fog actually covered the view of the lake but eventually burned off. Luckily fog on the road only lasted for about 2 miles. 

     - Kwaaymii Point Scenic Overlook: An additional great, short walking trail with spectacular views. 

     - Wild Fire Damage: It's always so sad, scary and shocking to see the destruction from wild fires.  

- Lodging: I stayed for two nights at The Lazy H Ranch Resort in Pauna Valley, CA. I believe there are only 7 or 8 rooms but this is a great motel/restaurant in terms of convenience, room quality, low cost and a great on site restaurant.

Bill Flannery

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