Bill Flannery's California Trip 

January 29th to February 1st

Just completed a spectacular four day, 1,335 mile SOCAL ride/adventure. Gotta love the fantastic canyon carving roads, mountain passes, scenery and weather in SOCAL, eh? And it's all just a single day ride from the Tucson area. Many highlights from the ride along with a few  valuable learning experiences for future rides in the area (like what motel not to stay at for an evening).

It's amazing what interesting discoveries we find along the way, with minor effort, on our motorcycle rides. One such enriching, compelling, educational and thought provoking discovery for me on this ride was the Imperial Valley Desert Museum in Ocotilla, CA. A photo and short video exhibit called "Life Along the Border" by Jimmy Dorantes is in the museum. Regardless of your political persuasion, a visit to this museum and exhibit is highly recommend the next time you ride through Ocotilla. The museum is conveniently located adjacent to Hwy 8 at the Ocotilla exit. 

General towns along the daily route (as well as all the best motorcycle roads available in between...) :


Day 1: Sahuarita to Ocotilla, CA (app. 400 miles). Via Why, Ajo, Gila Bend and Yuma.

Day 2: Ocotilla, CA to Fallbrook, CA (app. 317 miles). Via Jacumba, Campo, Potrero, Dulzura, Mt Laguna, Julian, Ramona, Kwaaymii Viewpoint and Palomar Mtn

Day 3: Fallbrook, CA to Yuma, AZ (app. 305 miles). Via Hell's Kitchen/Lake Elsinore viewpoint, Hemet, Idyllwild, Warner Springs, Borrego Springs, Shelter Valley, Canebrake and Ocotilla. 

Day 4: Yuma, AZ to Sahuarita, AZ. Via Gila Bend, Ajo and Why (app. 313 miles).

Can't wait for the next SOCAL ride/adventure....Hopefully can join the SEAT ride to CA in April!

Bill Flannery 

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