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Spartanburg, GA


Seat Member Dr. Gregory W. Frazier, described as "America's #1 extreme motorcycle adventurer" (RIDER magazine), is on display for the next six months at BMW's Spartanburg, GA headquarters.


Well, not the constantly moving global wanderer and writer "Dr. G" himself, but his road weary 1981 R80G/S (240,000 + miles) and a mannequin supporting his riding gear from a 1980's 'round the world ride.


The display includes 50 BMW motorcycles and runs for six months.


Dr. G says of the tired 1981 G/S: "I monikered it Ugly Helga for breaking down in a couple of the ugliest places on the planet, like in the hot steaming jungle of Panama in December, 1997 as I was about the enter The Darien Gap. On the side of the road in the 95 F - 110 F humid heat I had to pull the transmission and replace the worn clutch plate with a used one I was wisely carrying with me as I headed towards the southern tip of South America. It is the only motorcycle in my 60 years of owning and riding motorcycles around the world that I had nicknamed a motorcycle, mostly in jest, but the b**** did leave me with some memorable adventures on my cranial hard drive."


Dr. G's expose of the real meaning of adventure motorcycling and adventure motorcyclists ("the good, bad and dirty") can be found here:

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