Jim & Earl Go To Glacier


SEAT members Earl Fleisher and Jim Philips completed a 14 day 5,080 mile trip from Scottsdale to the Glacier National Park in September. Their route took them through Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.


The Butler G1 Series maps were consulted to select roads. Some of the out of the way but worthwhile roads were the Ismay Trading Post Rd/McElmo Creek Rd from Aneth UT to Cortez CO, Harper’s Corner Rd in Dinosaur National Monument, the road on the west bank of Lake Koocanusa in Montana, and St Joe River Scenic Byway in Idaho.


Some of the memorable eating spots were Taco Hut for lunch in Hotchkiss CO, Meeker Hotel & Cafe for breakfast in Meeker CO, Western Cafe for breakfast in Bozeman MT, dinner and breakfast at Minnies Montana Cafe in Thompson Falls MT, and Cowan’s Cafe for lunch in Duchesne UT.


Picture taking was affected by the smoke from fires on the west coast, but we still came away with a few.


1 - Hwy 133 in Colorado

2 - Dinosaur National Monument

3 - Yellowstone Park

4 - Glacier National Park

5 - St Joe River Rd Idaho

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