Coolidge Dam & Lake San Carlos

Friday January 10th

Nice weather if a little clear. Clear skies with no rain. 

Along of the ride were Jim Breen, Mike Diggles, Bill Flannery, Sam Halgren, Keith Hollcroft, Craig LIttlefield, Mike Shaffer, Ron Shannon , Dennis ,Robinson, and Helen Tschirhart.


Photos by Mike, Keith and Bill

Mike Shaffer found this about the dam.

The  Coolidge Dam  is a  reinforced concrete  multiple dome and  buttress dam  31 miles (50 km) southeast of  Globe, Arizona  on the  Gila River . Built between 1924 and 1928, the Coolidge Dam was part of the San Carlos Irrigation Project. Coolidge Dam was named after the 30th US President,  Calvin Coolidge  and was dedicated by President Coolidge on March 4, 1930. The design and construction engineer was Herman Neuffer, who oversaw much of the construction undertaken by the  Bureau of Indian Affairs  (BIA) during the 1920s in Arizona and New Mexico.

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