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Gila Bend Loop reversed

January 10th

We will met at the Three Points General Store . We rode ride Hwy 86 turning left on Hwy 85 to the Ajo Chevron station (100 miles) Station. After a short break, we continued on to Gila Bend and Sophia's Mexican Restaurant for Lunch .

The morning started out shaky with several people telling me that they were cancelling. It was definitely a little cold this morning. It stayed between 32 - 35 for the first 2 hours. 


Still, we had 4 bikes make the trip. We got to see Window Mountain from a distance. We had a great lunch in Gila Bend and finished off with Ice Cream in Picacho Peak. 

A map of the route

January 10 11.jpg
January 10 16.jpg
January 10 14.jpg
January 10 13.jpg
January 10 15.jpg
January 10 12.jpg
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