Joey's Annual JAZ  Ride

April 17th to April 21 2022

Oraniazed by Joey Lord at

I am again putting a road ride together. I am calling it Joe's AZ ride (JAZ Ride). I was lucky enough to be taken (shown) this very similar route couple years ago and thought this would be spectacular to share with my friends.... Starts in Tucson and returning in Tucson. It is a six day ride with long days and you need to be self-sufficient (no support truck). We would be staying in hotels at days end. You will need to book your own rooms & pick your roommates. I have a list of hotels for each night. If these fill up you need to get creative and find a close one that works (so get in early).


I have chips for GPS that GPS-Kevin helped with, but,  If for some reason the chip don’t work, well, find someone to ride with that the chip works...

Day 1 (322mls)

It will leave Tucson and head south to kit peak then onto the Gadsden Hotel. This is an amazing place with lots of history. 


Day 2 (347mls)

Leave Gadsden Hotel and head to the Coronado Trail. This is one of, if not the best roads as it twists and turns all the way north to our next hotel in New Mexico. 


Day 3 (358mls)

We will leave New Mexico and head to monument canyon and valley then onto Mexican Hat.


Day 4 (346mls)

Leave Mexican Hat and see Mexican Hat then either take the red option (just a detour that sees different stuff) and take the ferry then back to the main route or stay on the blue to the Spider Rock,  Bryce Canyon and we stay in Panguitch.


Day 5 (339mls)

Leaves Panguitch and heads south through Kanab and then onto Page through Jacobs lake, then to Winslow for the night. Be sure ti get a pic at the “standing at the corner in Winslow Arizona”.


Day 6 (268mls)

From Winslow it’s of south again past Theodore Roosevelt lake then through mine country where you can stop and enjoy the sites of a working mine. Finally back to Tucson where it all began or off to where you come from.

Make sure to work on a place to store your vehicle while on the loop if needed. Also if a room is needed before and or after the ride that would be something to consider on your end as well. 

This should turn out to be a fun ride with lots of stories and laughs. There is a lot of things to see along the way that I didn’t list so plan on stopping and soaking in all there is this place has to offer. Here is the list of hotels that will work for the ride. I worked out suggested gas and lunch stops but as always do your own thing, its your ride, your vacation.

I know Easter is in the mix here and I understand that it will be hard for some, just this is the dates that work best and I hope you can make it. Maybe next year will do it again... on a different date. Welcome to the third annual Jaz Ride!

My experience is close friends come together and ride together in smaller groups, size of group is flexible, and invite others as desired. 

ps: The La Posada & Bryceway Motel was booked so we are using a new hotels this year on day 4& 5….



April 17th, Day 1 Gadsden HotelAddress: 1046 G Ave, Douglas, AZ 85607

Phone(520) 364-4481


April 18th Day 2 Largo Cafe & Motel

Address: US-60, Quemado, NM 87829

Phone(575) 773-4262

April 19th Day 3 San Juan Inn

Address: US 163 & San Juan River, Mexican Hat, UT 84531

Phone(800) 447-2022

April 20th Day 4 Countryside Cabins

Address: 429 N Main St, Panguitch, UT 84759

Phone(435) 676-2400

April 21st Day 5 Best Western 

Address: 816 Transcon Ln, Winslow, AZ 86047

Phone(928) 289-2960