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Lewie in Minnasota

Lewie is in Minnasota. He likes to ride up there every year to ride with his old friends. He arrived Monday May 22nd.

Hi Craig, I rode with this  group, primarily a Harley group, every Wednesday. I was going to join them this week until I saw where they were going.  I just can’t get excited about riding in a group of hundreds of motorcycles.  They get really excited about being in a group that large.  Seems I’m more of a smaller group or solo rider. 

I might do the route I put together through woods, around ponds, and the St.Croix River in N.W. Wisconsin. Almost non stop curves through some places the trees meet overhead and form an arch over the road.

   Then a stop at Suzie’s Snowshoe tavern in Cushing Wisconsin. for lunch.   You would have a great time riding it.  


This is my friend Suzie in her rural Wisconsin. Snowshoe Tavern.

Lewie 01.jpg
Lewie 03.jpg
Lewie 02.jpg

A huge monument to Herman a German warrior is in New Ulm, Minnesota.  There is a city in Germany named Ulm.  

Lewie 06.jpg
Lewie 05.jpg
Lewie 04.jpg

Lewie and his sister drove up to the Aerostitch factory to visit his  old stitch which hangs on their honor wall.

We is on his wy home with stops in South Dekota and in Craig Colorado,

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