Craig Littlefield' Challenges

Chiricahua National Monument

Arizona Counties

Friday Challenge ride - April 6th

Susan Campbell, Quentin Harden, Craig Littlefield and Ron Shannon checked off some Challenges

Catalina State Park

Oracle State Park

Copper Corridor East

Copper Corridor West (without Quentin)

Boyce Thompson Arboretum State Park in Superior (without Quentin)

McFarland State Park in Florence  (without Quentin)

County court house in Florence (without Quentin)

Organ Pipe National Monument

March 16, 2018

Challenge Ride

Friday March 2nd

Matt Johns, Craig Littlefield and Ron Shannon completed several challenges

Catalina State Park

Pima County Court house

Snake bridge

Saguaro National park west

Titan Missile site

Long Horn Cafe


Tubac Presidio

Santa Cruz County Courthouse

Patagonia lake

Patagonia scenic road