Dirt Ride

Friday March 20th 


Saturday March 21st.

MEET:   Friday  March 20th, 2020 ( and March 21st) at 9:00 AM     Meet at Amado in front of the Longhorn restaurant (Big Horns  seen from I-19 Amado exit)


ROUTE:  Amado to Aravaca then East to I-19 on Ruby Rd which is mostly dirt. Then East on River Rd and Duquesne Rd  over the pass to Lochiel and continuing on FR61 up to the Coronado Pass and the Montezuma Overlook. After a break at the pass we will return west to the Rafael Valley, take FR 58 North to Harshaw Creek Rd  and on to Patagonia for a  late lunch.   After lunch we’ll do Fish Canyon and Box Canyon dirt roads to Green Valley and I-19.  This will be a full day tour which could be shortened by skipping the after lunch dirt and taking HWY 83 home


BIKE:   Any adventure type bike equipped for rough , hard packed roads with a few short  sections of moderate depth sand. Intermediate riding skills required .


EQUIPMENT:   Moderate off road adventure type tires, Snack and water, self repair tire tools. Cell coverage is spotty.


RIDE TIME:   Expect a full day ride and back to Tucson Around 5:00


QUESTIONS:    Phil Curtis   pjccurt@gmail.com    520-975-1809

A note from Phil

Hi All,  


I've had a few inquires of what the  adventure bike rides are like. What do we see besides dirt roads? Well… Why do we need an adventure bike?  The answer is —IT'S AN ADVENTURE!  


Typically, a larger, higher clearance bike with decent suspension and tires will get you to the destination viewing points in comfort. This adventure for instance will let you look down on the ghost town of Ruby and show you how to bring others back for a guided tour of Ruby. It will take you to two small lakes which are rare in AZ. It will take you up a fun dirt route to 6,ooo ft overlooks in the Atascosa Mountains for great photo ops. We can stop as long as necessary for all to get photos and record GPS locations. Where are the Atascosa’s?, you’ll see! Then, S. River Road is a paved, curvy road east to Beyerville and Duquesne Rd which is a flat dirt road with a little sand to practice in. If sand causes you concern ask for some guidance in sand riding technique as there are riders along to help. No rush.. We’ll all get there eventually.  Duquesne Rd climbs to about 6,500 ft for more photo ops over Nogales and the Mexico border. There is an abandoned mine shaft tower that will add more photo ops and a reason to pause for views of a beautiful mountain valley. Why is it called Duqeasne Rd?  You’ll see!  Then , the Fray Marcos de Niza Historical Monument always causes a group photo... what is it? You’ll see!  Next, Locheal, another Ghost town which actually has residents. Why a ghost town? Maybe Phil will know! Then, Forest Rd 61 exposes you to the San Rapheal Valley and start of a  scenic mountain climb up to 6,500 ft on Montezuma Canyon Rd to the Montezuma Overlook and Coronado Pass. Does anyone know who these guys were? Mexico will be in sight for you photographers, and the snacks  are usually dug out as the adventures riders realize they will be late for lunch.. Come prepared!  Snacks to share can be another adventure! How do we get home from here? An adventure decision? There are more dirt routes or alternate paved routes for the return. Food?  Patagonia, Sonoita, Sierra Vista all are options.   Shorter day options at three locations—ASK Phil.  See you at 9:00 in Amado.

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