Tortilla Flat

Friday March 25th


We rode to the Superstition Restaurant and Saloon in Tortilla Flat, AZ.

     We met up for a 9:00 am departure at at the Valero Station in Catalina

    We'rode to Winkelman, taking  AZ 177 to Superior and AZ 60 toward Apache Junction.  Took the Old West Highway,  and the Apache Trail (88)  to Tortilla Flats.

Those that were there are: (tell me if I missed anyone)

Jim & Lynn Mulhall, Lewie Marshall, Craig Littlefield, Dave Delie, 

Alan & Sheri Martini, Dwight Darling, Mark Goodrich, Scott Johnson, 

Randy Beckler, Doug McCabe, Dennis Robertson, Mike Ripley, Heinz Platten,

Joe Dawson, Jim Bean & friend Jeff, Art Post, Quinten Harden, Wayne Stark, Roger Voelker, Brett Hassler, Tom Butler, David Eisenberg, Dan Frizzell,

Elbert Faria, Mark Grosvenor and Steve Empey. 

Photos from Craig and Lewie

mach 25 9.jpg
mach 25 3.jpg
mach 25 5.jpg
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mach 25 6.jpg
mach 25 1.jpg
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