Chiricahua National Park

Saturday May 28th


We’d leave our regular starting point off Hwy 10 & 83 at 8 am and begin driving down Marsh Station road 15 +/- miles then merge with Hwy 10. We’d follow 10 through Benson up to the Texas Canyon and turn off at the Dragoon exist. We then drive on Dragoon Road south another 15+/- miles to Hwy 191. We’d then follow 191 SW towards Elfrieda stopping at the Mustang Mall on the intersection of 191 & 181. Stop has  convince store and gas station.


After a brief stop we’d jump on Hwy 181 to the Chiricahua National Park. Total drive time was 2 hours not counting breaks, covering 115 miles and starting at 3500 foot elevation and rising to 6873 foot elevation.


The return route would then start at the park and run down Hwy 186 to Wilcox. The drive is only 38 miles along a winding road into Wilcox. We could then have lunch at Big Tex BBQ in Wilcox. After lunch it’s a short hop to catch Hwy 10 in Wilcox and there are plenty of gas stations for the return ride home. Wilcox to Tucson on 10 is roughly 66


Ride leader in Dwight Darling