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March 10th - 11th


We had a great ride . We had good weather. Got to meet new friends. Had a wonderful Mexican dinner. 

Those that we there are Mike & Vickie Brewer, John Burton, Tom Butler, Darrell Conklin, Dwight Darling, Dave Dobson, Ed Ewert, Albert Faria, Bill Flannery, Julian Gonzalez, Sam Halgren, Sean Kantorow, Mike Kennedy​​, Craig Littlefield, Chip Llewellyn, Lewie Marshall, Jim Philips, Mike Ripley, Ron Shannon, Jim Small, James Stewart & Susan Harmeling and Tom & Kay Zirbel.


Photos by Lewie, Mike Kennedy, Bill Flannery, Craig, Darrell, Tom and  Sam

mesilla 27.jpg
mesilla 28.jpg
mesilla 01.jpg
mesilla 19.jpg
mesilla 11.jpg
mesilla 10.jpg
mesilla 12.jpg
mesilla 18.jpg
mesilla 19.jpg
mesilla 20.jpg
mesilla 26.jpg
mesilla 05.jpg
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mesilla 04.jpg
mesilla 03.jpg
mesilla 07.jpg
mesilla 30.jpg
mesilla 15.jpg
mesilla 13.jpg
mesilla 14.jpg
mesilla 17.jpg
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mesilla 29.jpg
mesilla 23.jpg
mesilla 09.jpg
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mesilla 24.jpg
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mesilla 21.jpg
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