Ride to Monument Valley

October 2020

By Bill Flannery

I made a spontaneous decision to take a three day ride up to Monument Valley a few days ago. I rode up through Salt River Canyon, through Kayenta and Mexican Hat then up one of my all time favorite roads: Rte 261 North out of Mexican Hat. The road is commonly referred to as the Moki Dugway Road. I'm certain all SEAT riders have experienced this road as well. I really enjoy it because it's challenging and very rewarding: It's a very steep grade with multiple switchbacks and about three miles of gravel. The scenery is absolutely spectacular. It's a rush riding this road!


Included in the ride was a first time visit (for me) to the Natural Bridges National Monument which is beautiful with a short but difficult 0.6 mile hike.


Also experienced a great ride through the extremely scenic Monument Valley in Utah and over to Cataract Canyon on Rte 95 between Natural Bridges National Monument and Hanksville. 


It was a spectacular 1,250 mile ride in perfect weather and cool temps in the low 70's. I can't wait to ride it again in the future.

Bill Flannery 

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