Car Show in Scottsdale

Saturday November 19th


Five of us (Dan Fisher, Rob DeForge, Sam Halgren, Mark Harding and Bill Flannery) rode up to Scottsdale on Saturday morning to attend two shows: Antique Motorcycle Show and Good Guys Rod and Custom Car Show.

The Antique mc show was relatively small but had a fantastic variety of antique (some VERY rare models) and custom bikes on display. The car show on the other hand was absolutely massive with over 2,000 cars on display. We're still trying to mentally process the experience as it was quite overwhelming. The quality and quantity of cars was absolutely unbelievable. We only got to see a small portion of the cars on display but one of the most fascinating parts of the show was watching the slow parade of show cars leaving the event as the event was winding down near the end of the day. The sights and sounds of the cars moving by us were enthralling to say the least. The variety of cars was spectacular, as every car you can think of was on display. Each and every car had unique/special details and one could easily tell the amount of effort, talent, love and of course money were invested in each car and how proud the owners of each car was to show their car. 

A huge THANKS to Dan, Rob, Sam and Mark for a fantastic ride/adventure/experience!

Bill Flannery 

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