Dirt Ride

November 9th


We took a ride to the top of Pinal Peak. Pinal, or Signal, peak is just Southwest of Globe and is the location of the signal towers seen from below. The towers are at 8,000 ft and accessed by a well maintained dirt road of about 18 miles. The road at this time of year is usually  well maintained but a slightly rough, dirt and rock, mountain  road. The scenery up, and at the top, is spectacular with a view of the valleys of the Pinal and Dripping Springs Mountains  and of Globe from above.

From Phil

Eleven adventure bike riders joined Phil Curtis last Tuesday, the 9th, on a climb to the top of Pinal Peak near Globe.  The communication towers for a large area are found there a little above  8,000 ft.  The road up is 18 miles of graded but interesting dirt and hardback rocky surface which is ideal for these big machines.  The scenery is usually spectacular valleys of the Pinal and Dripping Springs Mountains. But it was discouraging on this trip up to see the devastation of a recent spring forest fire. Especially, to see the beautiful, red barked Manzanita forest totally blackened  and mostly just gone!  The riders still enjoyed the road up as several had never been there.  They will return some day to see the beauty returned as they now know the route.


The ride was led by Phil Curtis. Photos by Phil & Rob Stansfield.

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