SEAT Photo Challenge

HI SEAT Riders.  Since its time for solo rides here is a reason to ride.     A Challenge—The Crested Saguaro Challenge—With AWARDS! 😁


IT”S easy! Just ride your motorcycle, Find a Crested Saguaro,  photograph it with your bike or a portion of it in the photo, submit the photo to Phil Curtis’s  Google Photos Album or directly to Phil ( ) or text to 520-975-1809, and hope you can be a winner!  you can submit the photos to Google photos using the following link or your own Google account if you are already a member,   


The photos added to Phil's  Crested Saguaro album will be identified with your name so all can keep score. For the distance award try to include a waypoint, GPS coordinate or description of location to Phil.

FOUR !st Place Awards.    A very good bottle of Tequila or wine     ( Winners preference )   


1: The MOST Crested Saguaros

2: The FURTHEST  Crested Saguaro  from Iron Horse Motorcycles 

3: The most artistic photo of a Crested Saguaro including all or any of your motorcycle

4: The most artistic photo of ANY Saguaro including ALL of your motorcycle.


Photos to be judged by Phil with the help a pro grade photographer. Judging and Awards presented  next December at the SEAT Christmas Party.

The challenge is for SEAT members only. JOIN UP if you are not a member yet.            


SUBMIT PHOTOS BY November 15, 2020

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