SEAT Photo Challenge

HI SEAT Riders.  Since its time for solo rides here is a reason to ride.     A Challenge—The Crested Saguaro Challenge—With AWARDS! 😁


IT”S easy! Just ride your motorcycle, Find a Crested Saguaro,  photograph it with your bike or a portion of it in the photo, submit the photo to Phil Curtis’s  Google Photos Album or directly to Phil ( ) or text to 520-975-1809, and hope you can be a winner!  you can submit the photos to Google photos using the following link or your own Google account if you are already a member,   


The photos added to Phil's  Crested Saguaro album will be identified with your name so all can keep score. For the distance award try to include a waypoint, GPS coordinate or description of location to Phil.

FOUR !st Place Awards.    A very good bottle of Tequila or wine     ( Winners preference )   


1: The MOST Crested Saguaros

2: The FURTHEST  Crested Saguaro  from Iron Horse Motorcycles 

3: The most artistic photo of a Crested Saguaro including all or any of your motorcycle

4: The most artistic photo of ANY Saguaro including ALL of your motorcycle.


Photos to be judged by Phil with the help a pro grade photographer. Judging and Awards presented  at one of our future meetings when the virus is gone. 

The challenge is for SEAT members only. JOIN UP if you are not a member yet.