SEAT name tags

They are available in the two styles shown below. They are also available with a pin or magnet attachment.  They can be ordered by contacting Dave Danks at

The SEAT club online clothing store is now open! 

​Check it out at


We will have two times during the year to order clothing, November 9th until November 29th, and in the late winter or early spring.  Go to the website above.   When you pick out your clothing item and click on it, click on size information.  These items are non returnable so it is VERY IMPORTANT to check the size chart.   The ladies "bling shirt" has a Harley on it.  The art department  is making up an  R60/2 motorcycle  drawing , which is what will be on the shirt, not the Harley.  They will change the motorcycle pictured  on their site when the artwork is ready.

You will be paying  for your clothing item(s) at the time you order usind a credit card.

Around three weeks after ordering is cut off, the items you purchased will be delivered to Lewie Marshall.  Your items will be in a bag with your name.  You can come to his house and pick them up, he will bring them to a weekly SEAT ride for you or we will make other arrangements.

Lewie reports that he owns two of the micro fleece sweater/jackets.  They are not bulky under a jacket on a cold morning, and take up little space in my saddlebag as the day warms up. The denim shirts are not the heavy weight kind. I thought lighter weight would be better in Arizona.

Hats are also available. 

Questions, comments contact Lewie Marshall

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