Dwarf Car Museum

Friday September 17th

We rode to the Dwarf Car Museum in Maricopa, AZ. Ernie Adams, originator of the dwarf car, has made a name for himself building Dwarf Race Cars and scaled down replicas of classic cars. His work is amazing. 


We met at the Valero station in Catalina. took to Park Link Road to the I10 and then I10 to breakfast at the Cook E Jar Bakery & Cafe in Casa Grande. 

This is the museum website


On the ride was Gary & Beau Cassett, Dwight Darling, Dan Fisher , Mark Goodrich , Craig Littlefield, Lewie Marshall Allen Martini,  Wil Smith and two visitors, Todd Gibbs and Sean. 


Who did I miss?

Photos by Craig, Lewie aned Gary

map dwarf cars.jpg
dwarf cars.jpg
sept 17 003.jpg
sept 17 002.jpg
sept 17 004.jpg
sept 17 001.jpg
sept 17 021.jpg
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