Santa Fe BMW MOA Getaway

May 2021


S.E.A.T. members Steve Cantrill of Payson and Jim Phillips of Scottsdale decided to take in the BMW MOA Getaway in Santa Fe on 21-23May and followed up by a quick ride in New Mexico to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial in Angel Fire. A year ago things in New Mexico were pretty much “shut down” by the Covid thing, so I was interested in seeing any changes, especially restaurants.


The MOA event was hosted at the Drury Hotel, within walking distance of downtown old Santa Fe. The hotel was super deluxe and the MOA event arranged for about 50% off on the rooms. I probably wouldn’t have picked that venue without the discount, but it was super in every respect. It was filled with great artwork and sculpture—most of it available for sale. Red flag winds and storms greeted travelers that weekend all over the west from Arizona to Montana. Santa Fe was no exception. Cold, rain, hail and wind was everywhere. Jim and I chose to take a long walk around town on Saturday and there were periods of bright blue sky between the squalls. When the dark stuff came over, we just ducked into a brewery for a beer.


The main town square in Santa Fe did have some Saturday visitors, but nothing like the crowds I’ve always seen before. And there were no Native Americans selling their wares like there were in years gone by. There used to be the grand Soldier’s Monument erected in 1867 to honor Veteran’s, especially of the Civil War. But those soldiers eventually went to fight the Indian wars. So the Woke movement managed to “make the statue go away” and what is left is a big, ugly box with hardi-backer sides on it. Maybe they can erect a statue of Mickey Mouse or something but I’m sure Disney has offended someone. Anyway, the rest of the town square is still beautiful and so is the town.


Sunday brought improved weather for riding and we stopped at the Angel Fire monument. It was Jim’s first visit. I had made a donation so they fired a brick with my name on it and of course, I had to find it on the walkway by the chapel. It was on to Pagosa Springs and the wind picked up again. Pagosa Springs was unusually busy. People were getting out and tired of being cooped up. Our stay at the newly remodeled Riverwalk Lodge put us right on the river walk next to the San Juan River. Monday morning greeted us with 27 degree temps but it warmed to the 50s quickly. The rest of the ride was sunny and with zero winds. Just like all rides, you take some of the bad along with the good.


Stephen Cantrill