Tim Attend the MOA Training

July 2020

Returned yesterday from my 2221 mile, 7 day ride to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend the one day MOA West Coast off-road motorcycle training. They provided the BMW GS1200 bike. Training  was limited to 14 participants plus 3 trainers. I had a GREAT time. 👍👍👍


I have only ridden on road motorcycles since my college days so this gave me a chance to see the other side! 😀 I learned a variety of steep uphill and downhill skills along with riding on dirt and gravel unmaintained roads. Was the first time I rode extensively standing up! This brief training was excellent! They would like to conduct it here in Tucson sometime so I gave them contact info for Iron Horse BMW.


Trip up and back was all two lane road with very few cars. The best riding area was Rist Canyon which connects Fort Collins and county road 14 west, which was also pretty curvy.  I bonded with my new 2020 R1250R on this trip and learned a few things:

1. The R1250R has lots of power for passing a long line of cars.

2. Have to be careful not to spend to much time playing with electronics while riding.

3. If you see some blue sky on the other side of the dark rain cloud you are under, go fast and you will not get wet. 😀

4. Riding solo is OK, but I tended to not stop very often and rest or enjoy the local attractions. 464 miles on the first day was too long. 😳 I decided I like our club trips better! 👍


Bottom line, it was nice to get back home! 😀😀😀


Tim Warlick

(More info came later.... )

Colorado was as strict or more strict than Arizona. Masks were pretty common there.

I travelled all the back roads and avoided all the big cities. I booked Quality Inns or equivalent ahead of time in small towns. Each hotel was really strict as no breakfast, masks worn at all areas, etc. Only ate at 3 or 4  restaurants. Same there as they required masks and had you located at least 6 feet apart. Was careful at gas stations as used hand sanitizer afterward. 

The training also followed the rules, mostly. Guys tend to get closer than 6 feet while out in the open areas while listening to instructors talk. Most of the time we were on the motorcycles. MOA provided 2 dinners at hotel. Was buffet for us only and we sat in large conference room the first night and outside the second night. Breakfast were bags given out at hotel. Lunch was at a local restaurant where we sat outside.

For the trip, I did not eat regularly nor do any touring, just rode thru tourist towns. Kind of dull but ....

I had signed up for the training several months ago so was committed. They provided the off trail bike and all housing and meals for once price. Then MOA gave each of us a $200 check when we left. I really learned and enjoyed the training.

I really tried to be careful the whole trip so not to bring the virus back to my wife. Noticed all the camping areas along the way were totally packed. Most hotels were full of off road 4 wheelers.

Now I am back to the stay-at-home mode but I do have several car projects in my air conditioned garage that I can work on.


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