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Arizona Two Day Ride

January 2023

by Bill Flannery


Several of us took advantage of this week's glorious weather and took a rather impromptu overnight ride up to Clifton, AZ. I've been wanting to stay at the restored Clifton Hotel for several years particularly after reviewing the before and after pictures of the complete restoration. The rooms in the hotel are nice. Nothing of course like today's modern hotels but the Clifton Hotel has a very important ingredient that makes staying there special: character and history. Pics attached and additional ride/route details below:


Riders: Bill Flannery, Sam Halgren, Mike Shaffer, Jim Breen, Wil Smith, Clayton Stevens and Mark Goodrich


Thurs: 1/12: 339 miles (from Sahuarita) 

- Route:

- Via Sonoita, Tombstone, Gleeson Rd, Chiricahua Nat'l Monument, Willcox (Big Tex restaurant), Three Way Store and two short round trip detours on some really nice roads: 1) Rte 366 (Wil and I rode a section of this a year or so ago and it was great. A pretty steep climb but the road was completely paved, and the views were really nice). 2) Rte 78 from 3 Way Store to the Welcome to AZ sign

- Relive Video: Relive 'Clifton, AZ ride: day 1'


Friday, 1/13: 298 miles (to Sahuarita)

- Route:

- Via Coolidge Dam and East Park Link Drive

- Relive Video: Relive 'Clifton, AZ ride: day 2'


We had a blast and highly recommend an overnight ride up to Clifton to all. 


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