SEAT and the Virus


We have not been organizing any SEAT sponsored rides since mid March due to the governor's request for us all to stay home. Effective May 16th, he is relaxing those restrictions. It will be a relief as we all are tired of the isolation and many people need to go back to work. However, if you have been watching the numbers, it is obvious that the danger is even higher now than it was in mid March.


We are going to resume our weekly rides. Lewie will resume his Monday notes. We are also looking forward to the overnighter to Utah in June and New Mexico in July.


While some people think the danger is minimum , there are some of us that still think that maximum distancing is necessary. On SEAT rides please respect the concerns of others. Maintain distancing, do not gather closely to eat or chat and wear a mask. Wearing  a mask not only to protects you, but it protects your friends. We all have different susceptibilities to the infection. 


See you on the road soon. 



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