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Mecum Motorcycle Auction

January 23th to 25th


Four of us recently attended the Mecum Motorcycle Auction in Vegas. Bill Flannery, Mike Shaffer and Darrell Conklin rode our motorcycles up to Vegas and my good friend/riding buddy from Beaverton, Oregon flew into Vegas to join us. Several pics are attached. 


Day 1: ride to Salome: The plan was to take two leisurely days to ride backroads up to Vegas. The weather however for the day 1 ride to Salome was HORRIBLE, calling for a 95% chance of rain, heavy rainstorms and flooding. Several folks cancelled plans to join the ride with us based on the weather forecast but the remaining three of us decided we would make the ride up to Salome rain or shine. Well, the weather Gods were with us that day as the entire ride up to Salome was with zero rain. We could see storm clouds all around us all day but fortunately we didn't hit one of them on the ride. Literally, two minutes after checking into our rooms, it started raining. Good timing, eh?  


We stayed in Salome, AZ for the evening at The Stanford Inn. This is what we would call a "no frills" motel. The rooms are clean and functional with different decorative themes for each room. Mike was the "lucky" one as he scored the Harley Davidson themed room, ha-ha. The lady who runs the motel is quite gruff. In fact, when I called to make my room reservation, I asked about the motel's cancellation policy and her stern reply in her very growly voice was "WE DON'T HAVE ONE!" I still wanted us to stay at this motel however as it worked out well with the route we had planned to get to Vegas the next morning. There's also a great cafe/bar immediately next door to the motel for bevies, dinner and breakfast the next morning. The overall stay worked out quite well for us. 


Day 2: ride from Salome to Vegas: The weather for day two was perfect. Chilly to start but warmed up quickly with a zero percent chance of rain. We enjoyed a great breakfast at the cafe next door before blasting off to Vegas. We arrived at the South Point Hotel/Casino in Vegas around 11:30 am and paid an extra $20.00 for early check in so we could dump all our riding gear in the room, change clothes and walk downstairs to the auction. Perfect!


The Auction: WOW! We spent all afternoon and early evening walking up and down the rows of bikes at the auction. The sheer quantity and assortment of bikes on display at the auction is absolutely astounding! The most memorable bike for me was a 1924 BMW R32. We were completely blown away at how far ahead of its time this particular bike was. Compared to other motorcycles of that time with engines slapped on a bicycle frame, this bike was designed, engineered and built to be a real motorcycle from the ground up. The bike was spectacularly beautiful and in PERFECT condition. I don't know what the bike was sold for at the auction, but the "estimate" price was $200,000 to $250,000. I'm really not a BMW aficionado but if I were filthy rich, I'd buy that bike and put it in the living room of our home just to look at each day. 


A huge thanks to Mike, Darrell and Dean for making the auction ride/adventure memorable and very special. It was a blast being with these folks: looking at and discussing all the bikes at the auction, particularly all the bikes we owned in the past. I had an absolute blast and definitely plan to attend the Mecum Auction again next year! 



Bill Flannery 

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