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Touratech Lower Engine Crash Bars for 2013-2018 BMW R1200GS. Excellent/Very good condition with no rash, gouges or scrapes from tip overs or crashes. Complete with all necessary mounting hardware, but will need the replacement of one mounting bolt. I had to drill it out as it had been cross threaded/stripped during installation. These retailed for over $300 when new, asking $75.

Please see the following YouTube video for mounting instructions and a more detailed description of the item:

Contact Russ Solsky at


SEAT for a F750GS. In August I bought my latest BMW a F750GS. As with most BMW seats, they leave much to be desired. I placed an order for a Russell Day Long (my 22nd) and was informed the build date was not until mid-November. I needed something to get me through the next three months. Fortunately, we have a local builder in Tucson. KonTour seats are unique ( . The fabrication allows the seat to breath and rather ingeniously, it keeps you from sliding forward. It is a very, very good seat. I got the "magnum" edition (wider) which brought the build price to $775.00. Because the owner is a member of our local club S.E.A.T. I got a discount and paid $630.00. Your price $500.00 plus $40.00 shipping. Thomas N Zirbel, (520) 820-0080.


Lightly used blue and silver Aerostitch Roadcrafter one piece riding suit. I bought this 18 years ago and have worn it 15-20 times over that time frame.  This is a custom make. Size 46R. The length was shortened two inches above the knee. The inseam is now 30.5 inches. I am short waisted (I look like 6'3" sitting down, but in reality, 5'10" standing up) Plenty of room for heated vests etc. No rips, tears, or marks. All the snaps and zippers work perfectly. Today, Aerostitch would charge $1,297.00 for this exact suit plus alterations. Used price is $550.00. Tom Zirbel (520) 820-0080.

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BMW 2020 R1250R, purchased on 3/20/20. This isone of Tim Warlick'w bike. Tim recently died. Contact Tim's son Morgan Warlick at

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1985 Honda CB650SC. Only 22,000 amiles. This was another of Tim Warlick's bikes. Contact Tim's son Morgan at

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1977 R100S.  Asking $7000.  New tires and tubes, battery, shocks, clocks rebuilt, 29500 actually mileage. Paul Ford has done most of the work and can verify the bike.  520 665 1195. Al Maurine.