SEAT goes to California

April 22nd - 25th

We stayed all three nights in Alpine.

Friday we rode north to Borrego Springs, Mt Palomar and other roads in the area. We will have lunch in Temecula. 

Saturday we went east on I8 to Boulevard and then follow CA94 into Imperial beach for tacos. 

These are the people that went:

Bill Flannery, Jerry Gilbert, Sam Halgren, Mark & Judy Goodrich, Dean Hurt, Jim & Lynn Mulhall, Jon Nicolucci, Heinz & Eva Patten, Jim Philips, Mike Ripley, Dean Roberts (a friend of Bill Flannery), Roger & Sue Voelker, Dave Swain and Tim Warlick

Photos from Tim, Heinz & Eva, Bill, Jim, Sam & Dave

maps california01.jpg

Day 2

maps california02.jpg

Day 3

maps california03.jpg

Day 4

maps california01.jpg
california 37.jpg
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