April 23rd to 26th

We are planning on staying in Alpine all 3 nights again this year and staying in the Ayres Motel.  It is best to call them directly at (619) 445-5800. They are filling up so make your reservation now. Tell them you are coming with SEAT and you get a special rate. Their prices have gone up this year and they are a little pricey but there are no choices unless you go into El Cajon. We will try to match up people who would like to share a room. 

We will ride north Friday and south along the border on Saturday.


Information on dinner is coming later. 

These are the people coming so far:

Ayers Lodge with Craig

Ayers Lodge 2 nights

Ayers Lodge


Ayers Lodge

Ayers Lodge

Ayers Lodge with Dave Delie

Ayers Lodge

Ayers Lodge with Dean

Ayers Lodge

Ayers Lodge

Ayers Lodge

Ayers Lodge with Susan

Dave Delie

Steve Cantrill

Bill Flannery

Earl Fliesher

Mark & Judy Goodrich

Dean Hurt

Craig Littlefield

Susan O'Brien

Mike Ostrom

Jim Phillips

Heinz & Eva Platten

Mike Ripley

Dave Swain

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