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June 19th -23rd


Ride leaders are

Tom Butler



Ride highlights (Mileages from Farmington Quality Inn -- If suitable accommodation can be found in Durango, daly mileages will be shorter)

· Day 1 420 miles – No easy way to get there from here. The route goes through Salt River Canyon, Show Low, Holbrook, Gallup, to Farmington NM (we will stay in Durango if suitable accommodations are available for the group)

· Day 2 – 338 miles Cumbrs & Toltec narrow gauge, Conejos river & Navajo mountain overlooks, Wolf Creek Pass, San Juan River overlooks.


· Day 3 – 318 miles Durango & Silverton narrow gauge, Million dollar highway, San Juan Skyway, Ouray, Telluride


· Day 4 -- 358 miles Mesa Verde, Canyon de Chelly, Holbrook (Some riders may drop this leg and head straight for home.)


· Day 5 -- 217 Miles Heading for home! 217 miles


Ride is limited to 8 riders. (Contact John Burton for current availability/possible wait list.)


Current signups:


  • John Burton

  • Tom Butler

  • Lloyd Kopes

  • Julian Gonzalez

  • Mike Nolan

  • Jim Watson

  • Joe Nelson

  • Bill Ellington

Hotel Coordinator -- Gabriela Cervantes <

Gabriella has worked with our group several times, and we rely on her for help locating hotels in the areas we travel. She knows what motorcyclists need and what our preferences are. Travel agents work on commissions from hotels-- We don't pay for her services. Contact her with your information and ask to be included on the Burton Jun trip to Durango/Farmington.

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