Death Valley 2020

January 23rd - 26th


We had a great group of people this year. Good riding and great weather. Those along for the ride were:

Don Cameron, Dave Delie, Bill Flannery, Earl Fleisher, Bart Garrison, Bill Getter, Jerry Gilbert, Mark Grosvenor, San Halgren, Mark Harding, Doug Hoeer, Dean Hurt, Craig Littlefield, Dave Locey, Deryle & Wanda Mehrten, Bob & Marianne Muller, Jon Nicolussi, Susan O'Brien, Mike Ostrom, Jim Philips, Heinz & Eva Platten, Mike Ripley, Tad Roberts, Ron Shannon, Wil Smith, Dave Swain, Ron Terrien and John Willman

Photos by Bill Flannery, Jerry Gilbert, Sam Halgren, Craig Littlefield, Dave Locey, Susan O'Brien, Mike Ostrom, Eva Platten and Ron Shannon

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