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Death Valley

February 15th through th 18th, 2024


In the past we have always gone in January. This year we are going in February. There are 2 reasons. First some people complained that it was too cold. The low and high temeratures are about 6 degrees on average higher in February. Secord is the condition of the roads. Last summer many roads in the area were closed because of storms and many are stll not open. We will see what is open in February


We plan for now to follow is similiar route and stay in the same hotels. It is never too early to make reservations.

February 15th - The Edgewqater Hotel in Laughlin Call (702) 298-4000.

February 16th - Exchange Club Motel in Beatty NV  Call  (775) 553-2333.

February 17th - Sands  Motel Boulder City  NV Call (702) 293-2589.    

At the Sands tell Teresa that you are with me or SEAT. We have some 12 rooms reserved. The Boulder Dam Hotel is full. 


Trip details are sent to those that are going.        


Let Craig know if you are going. Those going so far are:


Tony Baas                                Edgewater, Exchange Club, Boulder Dam Hotel

Mike & Vickie Brewer             Edgewater, Exchange Club then headinf west

John Burton

Tom Butler                             Edgewater, Exchange Club, Sands

Darrell Conklin                      Edgewater, Exchange Club, Boulder Dam Hotel

Dwight Darling                      Going west after Beatty

Bill Flannery                          Edgewater, Exchange Club, Sands

Julian Gonzales                     Edgewater, Exchange Club, Lake Mead Inn

Mark & Judy Goodrich          

Mark & Nancy Grosvenor     Edgewater ane then on their own.

Sam Halgren                         Edgewater, Exchange Club, and El Rancho

Mike Kennedy

Sean Kantorow                     Edgewater, Exchange Club, Boulder Dam Hotel

Craig Littlefield                     Edgewater, Exchange Club, Sands

Chip Llewellyn                      Edgewater, Exchange Club, El Rancho 

Gary Olberg                           Edgewater, Exchange Club, Sands

Mike Ostrom                          Edgewater, Exchange Club, El Rancho 

Mike Shaffer                         Edgewater, Exchange Club, Riding back Saturday

Jim Small​

Wil Smith                               Edgewater, Exchange Club, Sands

James & Susan Stewart      Edgewater, Exchange Club, Boulder Dam Hotel

Patrick Stirling                      Edgewater, Exchange Club, Lakr Mead Inn

Ron Terrien

Roger Worley                         Edgewater, Exchange Club, Sands

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