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Trip to Overland Expo

May 17th - 19th, 2024


Overland Expo is again scheduled to take place in Fort Tuthill County Park just south of Flagstaff.  It is the premier event for anything Overlanding.  While it more centered on vehicles with more than two wheels, the motorcycle community is getting more involved.  


Sterling Norlan, host of the Motorcycle Travel Channel, is expected to be there.  He is also the cinematographer for all of the BDR (Backcountry Discovery Routes) as well as the owner of the Jonquil Hotel in Bisbee that caters to motorcyclists.  


For the first time attendee, it will boggle your mind about all the options that exist for Adventure travel.  They expect over 400 vendors that cover all aspects.  In the past, demo rides were provided by Yamaha, KTM, Ford, Toyota, and Land Rover.  The evening has a film festival that has never disappointed.  There is also motorcycle training available, see the website later.  


Because it gets so full, sometimes the line to get in stretches for three to four miles on Saturday and Sunday.  I have a hack for that.  The USAF has a recreational area next to Ft Tuthill has a nice campground with hot showers and a Lodge to get out of the cold, it is Flag in late May.  They also serve snacks and beverages.  I reserve two campsites which will handle up to six tents.


If you’re interested please call Skip Blecker at 520 419-2203 to reserve a spot.  If we get more than five others, I might be able to reserve the group camping spot.


We depart Wednesday, arrive that night after going to Flagstaff the back way.  On Thursday, we can do local rides.  Friday and Saturday, we attend the Expo, and Sunday we head south.  Be aware there is a day pass that needs to be purchased either for the day or weekend .  When I went two years ago, I believe it was $35.

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