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Joey Lord's Grand Canyon Ride

October 15th to October 21st


It starts on Sunday Oct 15th leaving Tucson and returning on the 21st, back to Tucson. It will be a scenic ride around the Grand Canyon with a few detours and National Parks along the way. 


Listed below are the hotels that were chosen for the route. If interested in coming, I would suggest you book hotels early as they tend to sell out. If this happens, please just look for a hotel that is close by and book there instead. It will run similar to the JAZ ride where I will be handing out (or mail) chips for your GPS with this route. This is a scenic ride with NO tough guy stuff (with some dirt roads that are an option, but again they are graded and very easy). This ride is open to whomever so if you got a buddy ask him to go...


Any questions call me. 




Tucson crew would do tours on day 2 which would be Oct. 16th. Cali crew would do day 5 Oct 22nd. Call and book tours if you want to do any. Grand Canyon Caverns is closed and You should be at Eldorado mine somewhere around 12- 12:30pm when Leaving Seligman.


Eldorado Mine tours



(Note: each day below has a link to each day's Google map)

Day one: Leave Tucson and Head north to Winkleman where you have an option on routes. Stay straight which is shorter or take a left to Globe. Both go to Globe just ones a little longer ride. You have the option to run the alt routes on the way back to Tucson so don’t worry about missing out. After Globe you have another route option to do a dirt section. This is not tough just graded scenic dirt road or stay straight past Rosevelt Lake. There is one last alternate route once past Strawberry. Again, just a different route not better or worse just different. Look for lunch in Payson. From there you head to Jerome then onto Seligman for the night. Dinner suggestion is RoadKill Cafe. +/-345 miles


Day two: Leave hotel and have lunch along the way. There is a Subway sandwich after Kingman but explore your options as there is a lot of interesting places to stop along the way. While on the route you will pass through Cool Springs which is a really cool town from which radiator springs was inspired from the movie Cars!. Next up is another quirky little town called Oatman. This place is a riot! Drive through slow and stop and check out all the sights, sounds and smells. From their head to Eldorado Mine. Enjoy what this place has to offer and make sure you continue past down the road and see the water as it is drying up FAST! After that head to hotel to lie about what you saw today. Came in too early?... Check out the Hoover Dam or the Vegas strip. Dinner suggestions is Maxx's or Southwest Diner. +/-247 miles


Day three: Leaves out of Boulder City, check out the overlooks and head north along Lake Mead on park like route 167.You will ride through three states today NV,AZ,UT…Lunch Suggestion is Rooster Run Cafe, explore your options. After that you head through Zion Nation Park. After that there is an optional Dirt red route. I have not been down in a while so it's a bit of an unknown. From their your off to Bryce Canyon. If you get their early Pass the hotel and take the scenic drive to the end and enjoy the overlooks and views. Dinner is in the hotel it's a Cowboy buffet! +/-304 miles


Day four: Leave Bryce Canyon heading east you will come to the Burr Trail Cafe. There you can stop for a coffee or a morning break, they have amazing homemade pie!. At this point you can do the Burr Trail switchbacks which is a scenic graded dirt road or continue on pavement. If doing the Burr trail stop at the singing canyon before the switchbacks. Lunch suggestion is your choice today so keep an eye out for something. This afternoon depending on how you are doing on time you can stop and see the Bridges Nation park on your way to the Atomic Inn Motel. Dinner suggestion is Thai Food! +/-314 miles


Day five: Long day! Keep an eye on the clock as I don’t think you can get it all in. So pick what you want to see. Leaves Atomic Inn with lots of choices and things to see. You can do Mugi Dugway, Valley of the Gods, Muley Point, Goosenecks Park, Mexican Hat, Forest Gump Point,  Monument Valley… and so on, so enjoy your morning. After all the monuments, you head to Glen Canyon Dam. Lunch suggestion is Big John’s BBQ if you like barbecue. There is a very interesting place at Glen Canyon Dam called Carl Hayden Visitors Center it’s worth a look and it's a right after the dam. This is also a great place to walk the bridge and stretch the legs. Leaving the dam there is a lookout worth checking out called Wahweap Overlook. After that you make you way to Jacobs Lake Inn. There is a dirt option if you chose and if you get to the hotel early you can always take a ride to the north rim with incredible views! Dinner is at the hotel. +/- 385 miles


Day six: Long day today so keep an eye on the clock, lots to see and lots of miles! Ride leaves Jacob Lake and heads south through the valley. Be sure to check out the Cliff Dwellers old home remains along the way. Next up you will come across the Navajo Bridge. These two bridges, one historic and one new, represent one of only seven land crossings of the Colorado River for 750 miles! In it's time, it was the highest steel arch bridge in the world. You then travel through the Indian reservation and onto the Grand Canyon Village where you will find all sorts of cool things to look at. Lunch suggestion if you didn’t eat in the village, is a little down the road called We Cook Pizza & Pasta, yes that’s the name of it. From there you head south to Rt 40 where the California guys will be heading west and the Tucson guys head south to Best Western Payson. Dinner Suggestion Buffalo Bar & Grill. +/-348 miles

Day 6: Looks different for the Cali folks as they are going to figure out their ride from here...


Last day: of the ride! Here you can take an easy dirt route that heads to Globe, AZ or take the tarmac, option is yours. Once in Globe again you have two options both are scenic and great, I suggest you take the one you didn’t choose on the start of the ride. There are great lunch options on both routs so stop where you like.  +/-233 miles



Day 1: 

Roosevelt Lake

Road Kill Cafe


Day 2: 

Grand Canyon Caverns

Cool Springs


Eldorado Mine tours

Hover Dam

Southwest Dinner


Day 3:

Lake Mead

Rooster Run Cafe

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon


Day 4:

Burr Trail Cafe

Burr Trail

Singing Canyon

Bridges National Park

Ja-Roen Thai


Day 5:


Valley of the Gods

Muley Point 

Goosenecks Park

Mexican Hat

Forest Gump Point

Monument Valley

Glen Canyon Dam

Carl Hayden Visitors Center

Big John’s BBQ

Wahweap Overlook

Jacobs Lake Inn


Day 6:

Cliff Dwellers stone houses

Navajo Bridge

Grand Canyon Village

We Cook Pizza & Pasta

Buffalo Bar & Grill


Day 7:



Day 1 10/15
Historic Rt66 Motel Seligman, AZ 928-422-3204

Alt: Supai Motel 928-422-4153

Day 2  10/16

Best Western Hover Dam, Boulder City NV 702-826-4300


Day 3 10/17
Best Western Ruby Inn Bryce Canyon City, UT 435-834-5341

Day 4  10/18
Atomic Blue Inn Monticello, UT 435-582-2251

Day 5  10/19
Jacob Lake Inn Fredonia, AZ 928-643-7232

Day 6  10/20
Best Western Payson AZ 928-474-9800

Day 7  10/21
Ride to Tucson

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