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Ride & Carry a Gun

Carl Welch

A link to handgun carrying laws for each state

You wear the proper Helmet, the proper Clothing, preformed the proper maintenance on the motorcycle and received the proper advanced education in riding safely and responsibly. So now you carry added protection in the form of a handgun when you ride. Have you been as responsible to your self and others with the handgun? 

This article is not a suggestion for you to or not to carry a handgun when you ride. This is only to suggest to the ones who have made the decision to carry, the benefits of furthering their education for their own protection and the protection of those around them. Knowledge of differing State Firearm Laws for those traveling across country may save unwanted trip interruptions, fines or even incarcerations’. 

We all know of the so called experts, legends in their own minds. Rider who can twist a throttle, keep the bike in an upright condition and be a threat to all. They may have attended rider courses or just passed the MVD requirement to get the motorcycle endorsement on their driver’s license. This still has not made them a safe, responsible rider. 

The best motorcycle accident like the best gunfight is one you do not participate in. We train to avoid these situations on the bike but fail to consider the same related situations with the carrying of the handgun. As with our so called expert rider who have derived their skills from many hours of watching Moto Cross or Cycle Racing TV shows, most who carry a handguns have little more experience. The watching of police, detective or western movies is not a replacement for proper education for personal defense. The Concealed Weapon Permit issued by most states can be related to the MVD motorcycle endorsement on the driver’s license and in some states the requirement is less. Military and Law Enforcement training is very basic and after spending fifty years providing advanced education in training to both I have found how inadequate it is. For many riders who carry a handgun, it has been years since they had any form of training, good or bad, or for that matter just went out and shot the handgun.

In the years of training individuals in the proper use of firearms I have found that many come to the courses after surviving a tragedy or one has occurred to someone close to them. At this time they realized how inadequate their knowledge really was to recognize, avoid or to handle these types of events. Many also attended as a plea bargain for a situation evolving a firearm they did not handle properly where others have just gone to jail. 

Surviving a personal defensive situation or aiding another to survive is questionable at best. Without proper training it becomes a crap shoot, merely trusting to luck. There are no absolutes but intelligent ones can learn the advantages and benefits from bettering their odds in these desperate situations.

Don’t let attitudes or egos contribute to your demise. 

How do I recognize I have a problem? Once your assailant hits you, fires the shot or someone is bleeding or dying, it is a little late to prevent the situation. 

When and how is self-defense justified? After the incident is over, the problem is solved, the Police arrive on the scene and you find yourself arrested, you may wish you had learned a little more about the law and your rights for self-defense. 

Have I chosen the correct amount of fire power? Even if your are justified, know in time there is problem, pull your gun and fire, only to find you wish it were made of chocolate as it has been inadequate in stopping the situation and is now being crammed down your throat. 

The answers to these questions are the start to advancing your awareness and ability in improving the odds of your survivability in defending yourself or others. Learning the techniques of awareness and knowledge of modern pistol crafts will go far in your surviving of desperate situations as well as avoiding them. 

The training referred to in this article is not found at the NRA nor at most CCW Instructors or local Sporting Goods Stores and it is not handed down from most grandfathers. It is provided by only a select few located throughout the country. Maybe it is time for Clubs to consider this as a continuance of the Safety and Knowledge in the member’s education that has made the decision to Ride and Carry. 

Carl L. Welch 
(520) 548-0223 
P.O. Box 6309 
Amado, Arizona 85645












































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