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Horns for the K Bikes

by Stan Thibaut 



If you didn’t know it, Stan and Patti Thibaut now ride together on a new K1300GT. Stan likes his farkles and did some farkle installing recently, including a set of horns.

As Stan says the original “Beep, Beep horn” is ridiculous and begs to be replaced with some serious sounding horns. 

“I installed the Hi/Lo dual horns in the left side, ran a wire across by the radiator and connected it to the original horn wire,” Stan said. From the picture at the right you can see the wire coming across the front of the GT and connecting to the two horns (red arrows). This makes for a clean installation with the original horn still intact.

Fiamm makes several varieties of this style of high and low tone horns that you can purchase at most auto parts stores. They will make your bike quite a bit more noticeable when you hit the horn button. The same horns can be mounted on the K1200GT as well. 


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