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How SEAT Rides

We have two rules

1. Ride your own ride

2. Look out for each other

To be more specific....

1. Ride your own ride means speed, passing etc. You are fully responsible for your own safety. Don't let others impact your riding. Riding motorcycles is a dangerous activity. You are responsible for your own choices, actions and their results. Be careful. 

2. We do not ride as a large group or in formation. Keep your distance. 100 yards to ¼ mile works. If we have more than 4 or 5 we split up into smaller groups.

3. You can form your own group if you want of 2 or more. Ride with people that ride like you do and you are comfortable with.

4. Keep an eye on others in your group. It is your responsibility to keep track of the bike behind you. If they disappear or stop you find out why.

5. Don’t leave the group without letting people know.

6. When our route changes at turns or major intersections, we stop and wait for everyone in the group to catch up.

7. We have no group leader. Anyone can lead. You should know where our destination is.

8. Get a cell phone number for the people you are riding with.

9. Start with a full tank of gas. A group stops together for gas. Fill up when everyone else does.

10. Remember that getting there is mandatory. Getting there first is optimal.

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