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Auxiliary Light Mounts 

by Deryle Mehrten

At the 2001 Rally in Oregon I bought a set of PIAA 1200 lights for our ’98 K1200RS. Not satisfied with the Martin Fabrication mount, I bought a set of CBT Import light mounts that mount the lights to the under side of the faux mirror pods on the early K1200RSs. They are three way adjustable and put the lights up and a bit wider for what I believe is a better conspicuity pattern.

When we traded in the ’98 K1200RS for the ’04 K1200RS, the CBT Import light mounts just weren’t right as BMW changed the front body work on the K1200RS in ’02. I looked at the three basic light mounts for the K1200RS (under the oil cooler, on the front fork leg, or on the front brake caliper) currently being sold and I really didn’t like them. I have seen the caliper mounted lights mounted on the side of the bike where the BMW logo is placed, and although not bad looking, there is very little adjustability.

I decided to design my own. They had to mount on the side of the bike under the turn signal lens, and they had to be adjustable in at least two directions. I contacted Pete Fullerton the owner/manager of Bisbee Precision Machine and after I explained what I was looking for he agreed to make a set.

The mounting location was to be around the frame-to-fairing supports under the small top fairing panel. As it turns out, this worked out very well. With two solid mounts and the rubber backing, the lights are solidly placed and there is little additional strain on the fairing. The pattern is high and wide and with two-way adjustability I was able get them pointed in the right direction. They look pretty good, too.

The beauty of the mounts is they will mount to just about anywhere on just about any bike that has a flat surface and a solid mounting point. For example they would work nicely on the side of the bike where the BMW Roundel is mounted. Changing the mounting scheme a bit, they would be three way adjustable at this location.

If you are interested contact Pete Fullerton at Bisbee Precision Machine, (520) 432-4990, or visit his web site at: He does good work.

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