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March 15th and 16th

Mecilla is a little touist town adjacent to Las Cruces New Mexico. We stayed in Las Cruces and have dinner in Mecilla.

The trip went well but there were some challenges. Dwight had a flat he could not fixed qand was towed into Deming. On friday we did not get any rain but there were some hard winds. Dinner was great and a lot of SEAT donations were drank. We had guests Kim and Janice Dorsing. Kim is the president of the BMW Riders of Oregon. 

We didn't get a lot of photos this trip. Must have been the wind.

Here is a video that James Stewart took with his 360 camera.

Along of the trip was:

Mike & Vickie Brewer

Tom Butler

Dwight & Donna Darling

Reg Dowdall

Bill Flannery

Jerry Gilbert

Craig Littlefield

Chip Llewellyn

Mike Ripley with two friends from Oregon, Kim & Janice.

Mike Shaffer

James Stewart

Patrick Stirling

Dave Swain

mesilla 04.jpg
mesilla 05.jpg
mesilla 06.jpg
mesilla 01.jpg
mesilla 03.jpg
mesilla 02.jpg
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