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Overnighter to the Historic Hotel Magma in Superior

Wednesday March 6th


Wednesday March 6th meet up at the Roadrunner station located at 16121 So. Houghton Rd. Vail, AZ.    Contact Bill Flannery at:   or 503-539-3152 for the departure time.   


The group will be traveling around 327 miles Wednesday going through, Sonoita, Elgin, Tombstone, Gleeson, Wilcox, Mt. Graham, Coolidge Dam, BIA 6, etc.   Time permitting, we'll stop at the Coolidge Dam and the Besh-Ba-Gowah Museum. 


The Magma Hotel is located at 100 Main Street  Superior, AZ. Call for reservations at: 520 689-2300.  There are less expensive motels in the area if you prefer to stay elsewhere.  It is an interesting Historic Hotel. Room cost, including taxes, is around $200. per night.   For more more details on the trip, contact Bill

Route map at

Contact Bill Flannery at: 

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