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Annual Moto Meetup in Banámachi, Sonora, Mexico

November 3, 4, and 5


Background Info:  Tom and Lynn Matthews, the proprietors of Hotel Los Arcos de Sonora, are the founders of this popular Moto Meetup.  Since 2016 adventure motorcyclists have made their way to this small Sonoran Agricultural community.  Banámachi, once a favorite vacation town for Linda Ronstadt and family, is only one of several friendly towns along Sonora Highway 89.  You will experience some local culture and meet up with old and new friends who enjoy two and sometime three wheel adventure motorcycling.  For new participants, this is a great time to travel south of the border since there will always be experienced riders to provide guidance along the way.  


Interested parties should think about making reservations as soon as their schedules permit.  The two major hotels do fill up fast.


Hotel Los Arcos de Sonora - see their website for details.   (This hotel is the gathering point for all activities and where the street is dedicated to motorcyclists only)

Hotel Los Arcos de Sonora -


La Posada del Rio Sonora.  This hotel is located a couple blocks away from Hotel Los Arcos de Sonora and is on the town plaza.

Hotel Posada del Río Sonora


Crossing the border.  Much of the information is on the website, but if you need further information and assistance crossing the border you can contact Mark Goodrich, or 303-475-1830.


Distances:  145 miles southwest of Douglas, AZ. 137 mile southeast of Nogales, AZ

Make your reservations and then let Mark Goodrich at or 303-475-1830 know that you are planning to go. 

Those signed up so far are:

Mark Goodrich

Tom Butler

Dave Dobson

Mark Grosvenor 

Sam Halgreen

Jim and Lynn Mulhall.

Mike & Debbie Ostrom

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