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Moto GP Austiin TX

April 11th through April 20th

Bil Flannery


I'm planning on riding to and attending the Moto GP races in Austin, TX again this year. Below is a ride/route schedule/plan. Anyone interested in joing the ride should let me know (for additional details), make their own room reservations as soon as possible and purchase their own tickets to the racing event. I've already purchased two 3-day reserved grandstand seat tickets for the event and can let anyone interested in buying tickets for themselves know where we'll be sitting if they want to sit near us. 


Day 1: Tues, 4/11/23: Sahuarita, AZ to Columbus, NM: 298 miles 



- Tombstone: Coffee Shop; Big Nose Kates

- Bisbee, AZ: Town viewpoint; Silver Mine viewpoint; Nearby Lowell, AZ

- Portal Cafe in Portal, AZ and a nice canyon overlook nearby (about a 100-yard hike)

Fuel Stops: 

- Douglas, AZ: Speedway: 130 miles (from Sahuarita) 

- Animas, NM: Valley Fuel: 93 miles (from Douglas)

- Columbus, NM: 75 miles (from Animas)    

Lodging: Columbus, NM: The Los Milagros Hotel. This is a small but quite nice motel with a very friendly owner



Day 2: Wed, 4/12/23: Columbus, NM to Fort Davis, TX: 307 miles


Sights: War Eagles Air Museum, Baldy Peak State Park and McDonald Observatory

Fuel Stops:

- El Paso: Speedway: 68 miles

- Sierra Blanca: Chevron: 99 miles

- Fort Davis: Bencomos: 140 miles

Lodging: Fort Davis, TX: Fort Davis Drugstore



Day 3: Thurs, 4/13/23: Fort Davis, TX to Marathon, TX: 315 miles



- Texas Rte 170: From Presidio to Lajitas

- Santa Elena Vewpoint 

- Chisos Basin Visitor Center viewpoint

Fuel Stops: 

- Presidio, TX: Valero: 80 miles

- Terlingua, TX: Alon: 68 miles

- Big Bend Park: Alon: 99 miles

- Marathon, TX: 68 miles

Lodging: Marathon, TX: Marathon Motel and RV Park



Day 4: Fri, 4/14/23: Marathon, TX to Austin, TX: 400 miles


Sights: Luckenbach, TX

Fuel Stops: 

     - Fort Stockton: Loves: 60 miles

     - Ozona: Sunoco: 105 miles

     - Junction: Pilot: 91 miles

     - Austin: 144 miles   

Lodging: Luxurious Motel 6: "Austin, TX-South-Airport": 2707 Interregional Highway, South. Check in: Friday, 4/14/23. Check out: Monday: 4/17/23


Let me know if you are going.

Bill Flannery


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