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Pinetop via 191

May 10th - 11th

Ride led by Bill Flannery

Bill Flannery, Wil Smith, Mark Grosvenor and Tim Simms enjoyed a great two-day ride/adventure this week up to Pinetop and back. 


Day One, Tucson to Pinetop: Relive Video: Relive 'Pinetop , AZ ride'

- Rte 191 "The Devils Highway": We survived another ride up this road. The road is indeed very sketchy for motorcycles as the asphalt surface has deteriorated and the top surface is crumbling away which leaves a thin layer of black colored loose pavement on most of the corners. This unnoticeable layer of loose pavement is in addition to the normal amount of loose gravel in the corners. I've ridden rte 191 several times in the past on a Yamaha FJR but this was the first time on the more sport-oriented Yamaha FZ1 bike with no traction control or ABS technology. Entering and exiting the corners on this road when having fun on a sport bike is quite a technically tricky experience and is mentally fatiguing. We suspect the road surface has deteriorated exponentially over the past several years. 

- Rtes 249 and 273: When we stopped in Alpine for fuel Tim convinced us that should ride these roads West out of Alpine past Big Lake and Sunrise Lake instead of continuing North up Rte 191 to Springerville. I’m certain you all have ridden these roads before (I know Wil has) but it was the first time for me, and it was spectacular! My AZ map indicates the first section of Rte 249 is not paved (which explains why I’ve never ridden it) but as you know the entire stretch of road is perfectly smooth and clean and an absolute blast to ride. Particularly after riding The Devil's Highway. It’s got to be one of the best motorcycle roads in the entire state, IMHO.

We stayed at the Nine Pines Motel in Pinetop for the evening. The rooms are fine and the Mexican restaurant across the street offer a great dinner. 


Day Two, Pinetop to Tucson area: Relive Video: Relive 'Pinetop ride, day 2'

- Fort Apache Historical Landmark: From Pinetop we took route 73 down to Fort Apache which is an amazing place to visit and the history of the Fort is fascinating. It's definitely worth a visit and the road to get there is wonderful. The nearby Kinishba Ruins are also worth a visit if you're in the area in the future. 


We all had a great time and really enjoyed the ride and comradery. All is good! 





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