Silver City

March 27th and 28th

A HUGE thanks to Sam Halgren, Sam Rua, Mike Ripley and Clint/Eva Clark for a great, 2 day Silver City ride/adventure. 

We met at Roadrunner Market then rode down through Sonoita and Elgin. We stopped in Tombstone for coffee then rode over Davis Road to McNeal, then down to Douglas for our first fuel stop. From there we rode up to Portal Cafe for lunch and a short detour/hike up to beautiful Cathedral Vista viewpoint. We landed in Silver City at the Murray Hotel around 5:30 pm (local time), enjoyed a fantastic dinner/evening and lots of laughs at the Little Toad Creek Brewery just a short walk from the hotel. For dessert, Sam R and I tried a "beer float". Basically it's a stout beer with you guessed it, ice cream. Hey, "don't knock it till you've tried it". It was excellent!


We planned an 8:30 am departure on day 2 from Silver City to allow the temps to warm up a bit, into the mid 40's, which was fine as temps rose fairly quickly once we got on the road. We fueled up in Safford and the majority of the group continued on to Globe for lunch.


Kudos to Mike Ripley for riding two hours from the Phoenix area Saturday morning to get to the Roadrunner market in time for our 8:15 am blast off, AND for riding his beautiful/beloved 1975 BMW R90s bike.


As always, the riders make what could've been a rather ordinary two day ride into an absolutely wonderful, memorable experience/adventure. Thanks again to Sam H, Sam R, Mike, Clint and Eva....



Bill Flannery

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