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Personal Locator Beacon and Satellite Messengers

by Susan O'Brien


As a fairly new motorcyclist and a woman to boot, my first reaction is to do as much as possible as I can afford to be safe on the road. That said, I didn't take up this sport to be paranoid or afraid. Every time I get ready to ride, I check my tires, look for anything dangling, make sure I can see through my face shield and windshield, put the key in the ignition and ride. I'm cautious and aware in traffic, obey all the traffic laws as I make my way to the open road, and then throw caution to the wind and ride. In the nearly four years I've been riding with SEAT, I've seen major accidents, close calls and sheer stupidity on my part as well as others. If we weren't attracted to the danger, we'd all be weaving baskets. 


There's also something to be said for common sense and making sure we get back home to our loved ones in as close to one piece as possible. That hasn't always been the case in the past couple of years. It could happen to any one of us. A sheer second of lost concentration, another vehicle coming out of a blind spot, a deer, a tire blowout...again, it ain't basket weaving. And many of our rides are in remote areas with little or no access to cell towers or any other form of communication for emergency assistance. So, should we, as individuals carry Personal Locator Beacons? It's not a bad idea. But it's up to you. Here's some research I found helpful on the internet. Take a look and make up your mind. Other than our usual Five Basic Rules as a club, SEAT does not provide nor will we require members to use these devices.

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